The functionalities are very much simple and accessible.

Status Updates

If you are posting status then just write down whatever is on your mind and click on post, our site will automatically post the status on your page. If you have different pages then you can categorizes your pages and post status on selected categories, its mean that you can post different statuses for different categories of pages, and most importantly you can make up to 10 categories. If you want to keep your audience busy with regular statuses then after adding a status click on add another and so on. After that click select posting timing and if you want deletion time and hit the save and exit button.

Pictures Posting

(We have not included video uploading to pages as lot of video are having rights registered with face book) Again the functionality is as above for status updates. Just categorize your pages and then select posts which are relevant to your pages. After that hit the save and exist button. If you want to engage you audience with regular pictures then upload your own pictures and they will be posted at your set timings after approval. Or you can select pictures from our database. Just select number of pictures and they will be added to that particular category bucket, our technology will post them on your behalf.

Link Posting

If you want and we recommend to those people who are managing multiple pages to categorize them and then schedule relevant links on them. It's quite easy, just past a link and hit the post button and it will be automatically posted to your specified category of pages. If you want to schedule for 24 hours then after pasting a link click on add another and so on. All the links will be scheduled and will be posted and deleted on your specified timings. Apart from this we have made available to you our Combo Button. What it does is that it grabs all links, pictures and status which are posted by our website and giving you the option of what to delete and what to keep. Sometimes face book Stops responding to different quarries which leaves something's not deleted from your social account and for that reason we have this Combo Button.

Categories importance

It's very important for everyone to categorize pages. Let's say Mr. X is having a Fashion page and he posts (link, status or picture) of a tattoo, so obviously his audience will get annoyed will most certainly annoyed one will unlike or unfollow the page. So keeping pages health is what every body wants.

Facebook Marketing: A Comprehensive Guide for Beginners

Let's admit. Facebook is huge and one has to be on the front foot at all the times to beat the competition that's out there. Marketing on Facebook is easy as you can schedule posts on Facebook but you've to act and learn from your actions. The trick is to try and to analyze your effort. To help you understand what's it like to be present on Facebook, there are nearly 1.23 billion active users on this massive social media network. Out of these total active users, nearly 62% users visit their Facebook every day. That's a lot by any measures. For a marketer, that's a goldmine. To be honest, you can't ignore Facebook marketing any more. You put too much on stake when you miss this big opportunity to reach out to so many people. You don't want to miss it.

I know you're thinking; "But how do I reach my audience when everyone is trying to compete?" You probably gave it another second and talked to yourself; "I'd never be able to beat all those huge businesses to reach my audience". You know it now that 'there is no point' competing with business that have thousands of dollars to spend on Facebook marketing alone. You wonder, if there is a way out. Is there a way to beat the competition or maybe a way to find your target audience without spending thousands of dollars on marketing each month? The answer is YES. But you have to be patient. You got a lot to learn.

Schedule Posts on Facebook - The First Thing to Master

I know what you're about to say. We already know how to schedule posts on Facebook. I believe you. But there is still a lot more to learn. When you learn how to schedule posts on Facebook, you can improve your visibility as you will be able to release your posts exactly when your audiences are there to respond. Although Facebook lets you schedule posts through its default post settings, you won't be able to keep up with the demand of your audience. Here are disadvantages of free Facebook posting.
  • With free Facebook posting, you can't really schedule a lot of posts. You won't be able to keep track of what's publishing when.
  • Free Facebook posting won't let you send the same post to different Facebook pages.
  • You can't do auto Facebook posting using native Facebook settings.

Reach your target audience with Auto Posting on Facebook

Reaching your target audience is the most important thing that you'd want to achieve from auto posting on Facebook. Even if you are not using autoposting and still relying on default Facebook post tool, still you will need to reach your target audience to get results from your campaign. Consider an example. You are promoting a product for men's health. The product is costly but it shows excellent results. However, the problems it addresses only appear in Asian males above 40 years of age.
Based on all the assumptions above, here is your market data.

  • Product is for men
  • Product is in health category
  • Product is costly
  • Product is suited to Asian men
  • Product is suited to men above 40 years of age

Ideally, you'd want to target Asian men above 40 who are facing health issues that your product solves. Moreover, you'd want to reach only the people who have shown interest in buying health products online. Once you reach the audience with the attributes, you can expect massive ROI. Facebook lets you reach your target audience by simply changing settings in your posts when you schedule them. You can select demographics, age, gender and interests among a few other metrics. Once you make the right choices, you will be targeting the right audience. As a result, you ROI for Facebook marketing campaign will be encouraging.

Rules to follow when you schedule posts on Facebook

When you start taking advantage of auto Facebook posting and learn to schedule posts, you need to find out how to use these features to turn your Facebook marketing strategy around.
Here are the rules to follow.

  1. Types of posts: There are three types of posts that you need to think about for a Facebook marketing campaign.
  2. Viral posts: The first type is viral posts. These are posts that you want to continue sending to your audience to engage them. However, you don't want to publish content that isn't related to your niche or industry.

Continuing from the example above, your viral posts should address men above 40 and those with health issues, preferably Asian men only.

  1. Useful posts: The second type of posts that you need to publish on Facebook is useful content. This type of content might not be viral in nature but still it could be extremely useful for the audience.
  2. Link baits: The third type of post is link bait or sales post. These type of posts help you convert your traffic into real sales. These posts should have the lowest frequency and should always have a strong reason to click for your audience. Sometimes, these posts work great when posts after one of your post has gone viral.

Rules of auto Facebook posting

Auto Facebook posting can help you a lot of time. Think of a scenario where you have a website that's producing content on regular basis, say 10 articles a day. You want to send all these articles to Facebook, but not as soon as they are published. Technically,
you're looking for two things.

  • Auto Facebook posting
  • Schedule Facebook posting

To achieve these two tasks, you will need more than what Facebook offers. Our software is a perfect place to start. You can try it before you buy it. Whether you are using our software or relying of default Facebook tools,
you will need to keep a few rules in mind when auto Facebook posting.

  • Say NO to free Facebook posting: Is someone asking to post on your Facebook without any charges? Do you really think that someone could be this kind to you? Seriously, don't go for it. Always keep control of your Facebook pages. Letting someone else post on your behalf means giving up this control. Instead of using this option, you can simply use our Auto Facebook posting tool. It works like an assistant and you can try it FREE.
  • Post only relevant and quality content: You will need to post only relevant and quality content to keep your audience engaged. If you post irrelevant content or post things that don't interest your audience, you might find yourself in trouble. You will see your fans reducing and your posts won't generate as much engagement as much they were doing earlier. Remember, quality and relevance are the two most important factors when it comes to success of a Facebook marketing campaign.