What is CronJobz?

CronJobz is the easiest tool to schedule and publish posts on your social networks! With CronJobz you will save time and energy because you can publish to your Facebook Pages in seconds.
Check out the features you'll fall in love with:
Categorize your pages if you want to and then upload links, all the links will get displayed to you and then define posting time and deletion time. Our system will automatically post the links on your predefine time and delete it after you specify time so releasing your tied up time and easing stress on your eyes and Big Brain.
For the user benefits, user can upload 96 links in a particular category of pages as posting time have 15 minutes interval. The same rule is for Posting Pictures as too much posting on Pages is regarded as Spamming and due to which your Audience will leave your page. Our technology will show you your all links and the total clicks on them so that you can compare data and see the conversion. One of our feature is that you can restore the Reach on your pages by scheduling pictures on your pages. You can choose picture from our data base or you can upload your own Pictures. All the uploaded content will start posting once it is approved as we will not allow pornographic content.
Our another interesting feature is that Now you can categorize your pages and schedule links and pictures on them. It will keep your Pages conversion so high that you will just be chewing your Nails. Our COMBO click is very interesting feature that all the people are looking for. By going there our technology grabs all the links and pictures and giving you a choice of what to delete. If your social Account is disabled then you can use your CronJobz user name and continue but new profile should authorize our app. And in case you have paid and account has been blocked then please contact us so to authorize your new account to continue.
All these amazing features are super practical and will you save time and clicks!
CronJobz is ideal for Community Managers, Social Media and Digital Marketing Agencies, "Power-Users", marketing professionals, entrepreneurs, freelancers, and in general for anyone who wants to create and maintain a presence on social networks efficiently and productively.