Why Keeping Facebook Pages active is important

Why pages are important

People have hundred of pages, sounds funny lolx. Nope not kidding, people do have hundred of pages and you might not know why they have such huge number of pages. It earning and i guess still you don’t believe me. They are making huge pile of money out of it on different websites like Gocips and Diply like websites.

I think you should try both of them and you will realize that how much they are earning on these sites.

Some big companies keep their presence just for their fans and some for the promotion of their new products or new arrival of products. But the people are are having hundred of pages are using them for earning. For them managing hundred of pages becomes impossible to manage. With the passage of time and with links posting pages become dead and they become less profitable. So keeping pages active is very important for them.

Why to keep them Clean

In order to earn the maximum you have to keep your pages active and engaging. without it pages becomes dead as you can see my other article of restoring reach on dead pages, and will give u deep insight of pages world.
The most important thing for keeping pages active is posting pictures, video and status. Keeping and maintaining even 10 pages is like a hell’s job so page admins look for auto pictures posting on Facebook pages application, auto status update on Facebook websites and auto video posting on Facebook websites. These facilities are not provided 2 competitors out of 3. Pages are like best buddies ,, you scratch my back and i will scratch your back.


The Website

I am just a fan and writing for the website. The above functionality of Auto pictures posting on facebook Auto status update on Facebook and Auto video posting on Facebook is just provided by CronJobz and you will find it the best in keeping the fan pages active and profitable.
See you people in another article till then have fun….

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