The Website for which i waited for Too Long.

I am Jacob from Orlando and finally i did it.
Basically i am social media advertiser and this articles is more like my testimony or why i made this auto posting on Facebook website.

It developed as my passion to make Facebook pages regarding different issues at start and i did invest in it a lot in term of financial resources and time. Then quickly the likes on my Facebook pages increased three to four fold. in time the number of pages increased and i started facing issues like i was unable to give proper time to my audience. So i searched for websites for auto posting on Facebook and luckily i found one with the same functionalities but they were not offering auto posting on Facebook for free. their charges were like promoting a proper Facebook page.

One day a thought occurred to me to that their will be hundred or thousands of people like me who are having Facebook pages and wants to have auto posting on Facebook for free facility. And on that day i sat and assembled all data regarding auto posting on Facebook pages. Now this is my website (Auto Posting and Deletion)for auto posting on Facebook for free and is available to all the people around the world and for unlimited number of pages

Please support me and my team by liking our fan page CronJobz Official and a small video that i have prepared of my website


I hope that you will enjoy all the functionalities on the website.
Have fun and Enjoy your life.

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