The 3 Best Auto Posting Websites to Facebook Pages

Gladly i am writing about Facebook auto posting. The reasons are obvious that Facebook is the top advertising media for those people who are having fan pages and they find it very difficult manage Facebook pages and looking for auto posting on Facebook pages website or application. Through time the media has evolved and initially people were relying on google, bing and other search networks for targeting specific audience but right now different websites are offering same services but in a new way.

Some people are having small page and some are having number of pages and i do remember a guy who was having more then 800 Facebook pages and he was having a team of 50 people for managing them. Upon his request i am writing about of how to auto post on Facebook pages. I have 3 of the top facebook auto posting websites in my mind and i will be explaining them individually


The is THE BEST website for auto posting on Facebook pages. They are offering their services for Facebook auto posting free. If i want to explain their functionalities in a single articles then i guess it will take more then 2000 words for me. CronJobz is the best in market and i guess i can name them as the market leader. Their free Facebook auto posting service has attracted hundreds of users and they are evolving on daily basis. their response team regarding any issue on Facebook auto posting is very efficient and solves the issue with in minutes. They also provide auto deletion facility for the posts they have made on your pages. This free Facebook auto posting website is also involved in some charity work in remote areas of africa and belongs to digital generation company


I would like to suggest to all the reader to check CronJobz.


Again this is also one the best site offering Facebook auto posting facility. they are a bit old and they also do have a lot of users. initially i used this website for managing my 50 pages but then i moved the above mentioned site for the sake of financial matter and also consideration of functionalities. They have strong presence in market but they do charge for their services. Initially they were just offering auto posting on facebook pages but now they provide other facilities like posting on twiter and others. Their customer base is attributed to the large amount of spending on marketing not on their functionality.



Again a very strong competitor in the market. they are very old and also have a lot of customer base. due to their age they have acquired so much users. initially they spent on marketing but right now they are cashing out what they have invested. they are also offering auto posting on Facebook pages, twiter and gmail groups



At the end i will recommend CronJobz for their service of free Facebook auto posting. as have mentioned thay are also involved in some charity work so support to them will be like you are supporting that rural areas.

Stay Blessed and Enjoy.

Don’t just learn what i have written but do your own research……

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