How to Restore reach on Dead Pages


Yes some of you might be familiar with dead Facebook pages and some of you want to know aht dead pages are and how they can be restored.

At first let me explain why Facebook pages becomes dead.

There are numerous reasons of pages turning into grave yard and some of the most popular are that

a person has stopped posting since long

irreverent contents are posted

too much link posting and the final reason that the people who has liked your page are either dead or has ended up in psychiatric ward.

Any way what ever the reasons are you can restore reach on dead pages easily, just follow the easy steps on the path of restoring reach on dead pages



is it loud or should i say it more loudly. The first thing that you should do is to stop posting links as they are annoying unless its very much relevant and need users consideration. remember that your page is not the only page liked by users so he don’t want his wall be spammed.


Your page is quite old so their is no cure for this if the people who has liked your page are dead or in psychiatric ward by listening and reading to you. So the best alternative with you is unpublish your page or sell it of CronJobz


Some people are having a habit of posting what ever comes close to their MOUSE or what ever they like forgetting the fact people has liked his/her page for a specific reason. So act smart and post relevant things and constantly. And if for consistency you feel that you won’t be able to then use CronJobz as they are providing status, pictures, video and links posting for free.

Here is the last thing on How to Restore Reach on Dead Pages, this trick works sometimes. If you have another page of similar name and similar taste audience then merge them. Those people who has un-followed your page will start seeing your posts again.

Please feel free for not taking my advice. As i might be one of your fan page page and writing this from psychiatric ward.

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